Welcome to the web site of Staverton Bonsai Group


We are based in Staverton which is near Trowbridge.



We meet twice a month on the first Sunday from 10am to 2pm. And on the first  Thursday at 7pm. Workshops are suspended until further notice

We hold workshops and we display at shows during the year. We also visit various shows.

The group has been running since 2016 we have currently about 10 members as well as occasional visitors who are always welcome.


Members of Federation of British Bonsai Societies

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Tony Oswin and Geoff Hobson's trees at Swindon show       23rd February 2020                                                             Workshop tree.

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The meal on Saturday night and the hotel we stayed in.

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Below is the pics of the group that went to the Trophy in Genk Belgium on 29th February to 1st March 2020 on the left the whole group and on the right at the dinner on Saturday night.